Multidisplinary Approach

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Our approach is influenced by a variety of fields, which, once combined, increase the quality of our services tenfold! 


Did you know that according to a study done by the Chambre de la sécurité financière du Québec in 2013, 70% of advisors in Quebec hold only one license? Only 2% of advisors in Québec have more than four licenses in the field. Robert Tozzi, founder of Pactole Financial Strategies, is part of this 2%. Continuous education is required in order to keep skills updated. Holding more than four licenses ensures the firm’s multidisciplinary approach that helps us meet our clients’ entire needs.

A question of independence

At Pactole Financial Strategies, Robert Tozzi, along with his team and partners, can work with a client’s sphere of professionals. Depending on the nature of the mandate, Mr. Tozzi may also direct the client to certain professionals. The client is responsible for the final choice of professionals to perform the given mandate. The client is not obligated to work with the professionals suggested by Mr. Tozzi and Pactole Financial Strategies.

When Robert Tozzi of Pactole Financial Strategies recommends professionals or works with a client’s sphere of professionals, Mr. Tozzi and Pactole Financial Strategies:

  • Do not receive any compensation from these professionals;
  • Do not give any compensation to these professionals;
  • Do not share any compensation with these professionals.

This approach fosters a healthy collaboration between professionals and provides the client with a multitude of integrated services—all while maintaining a high level of independence. Each independent professional is responsible for his or her own work and must invoice the client directly for professional services rendered. Pactole Financial Strategies and Robert Tozzi are not responsible for work performed by a professional chosen by the client, whether or not Robert Tozzi and Pactole Financial Strategies recommended the professional.