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Prepare your business and estate today. Take advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities.

Robert Tozzi is an independent financial planner and a valuable asset to your team of experts. He can help you craft a strategic action plan that will enable you to track your success.

Robert Tozzi leads an independent financial services firm that provides financial solutions from 20 different insurance companies and 50 different wealth managers from well-known financial institutions. He has specialized in helping entrepreneurs and professionals since 1992. Mr. Tozzi is a member of the Institut québécois de planification financière.

  • Commercial financial planning
  • Financing agreements between shareholders in the event of death, disability and critical illness
  • Disability insurance
  • Employment benefits
  • Group insurance
  • Commercial loan insurance
  • Retirement planning
  • Wealth management
  • Group RRSPs and pension plans
  • Individual pension plans
  • Estate planning
  • Planned giving

We’re there for the entire life cycle of your business

Pactole Financial Strategies will help you with your financial planning during every stage of your business’ growth. We will work with your team to provide practical, results-driven solutions.


The business milestones we cover:

  • Start-ups or acquisitions
  • Growth and prosperity
  • Transferring property to new partners, through succession or to the next generation
  • Selling a business

Our objective is to help entrepreneurs channel their energy to the growth of their business and performance while helping them seize financial opportunities and maximizing their success.

Surround yourself with leaders

It is important for an entrepreneur to make the best use of their time. They need professionals with a proven track record and forward-thinking mindset. This is why, since 2001, Robert Tozzi and Pactole Financial Strategies have been proud to partner with the Montreal chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) to provide financial planning, group insurance, pension plans and life insurance. This organization helps entrepreneurs with annual sales of $1,000,000 or more to take advantage of the best practices inspired by successful entrepreneurs from all over the world.

We help make a difference with the EOA program!

Since 2013, Pactole Financial Strategies, led by founder Robert Tozzi, has been proud to make a difference by serving as the financial planning partner for group insurance, pension plans and life insurance under the Entrepreneur Organisation Accelerator (EOA) program. This program provides support to entrepreneurs with annual sales of $250,000 to $1,000,000. It’s a program designed by successful entrepreneurs for up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Statistics that speak volumes

According to the study Taux de survie des nouvelles entreprises au Québec (Édition 2008) : 

  • Nearly 30,000 companies are created each year
  • 92% of them have less than 5 employees
  • These companies are responsible for 20 to 25% of new job creation

Of the 280,000 companies created between 1992 and 2000, 25% did not make it into their second year of existence. New companies do not survive as well as mature companies because:

  • They experience major challenges carving a niche in their respective markets
  • Their business plans must be more expertly implemented
  • Financing is often a major challenge
  • Their performance and success are directly related to the entrepreneur’s expertise and his/her support and relationship network

According to the Taux de survie des nouvelles entreprises au Québec (Édition 2008) :

  • Success rates of businesses are 34% after five years of operation and 20% after nine years
  • The transition success rate, from the first-generation management of a business to the second, is 30%, and only 10% to the third generation